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The Quiet Room

Quiet Room Therapy

Therapy of any kind, Psychotherapy or Counselling, can seem a daunting prospect. We are often told, and throughout our lives, that we need to take responsibility for our mental health. So whilst we reach out to our GP when we sprain an ankle, for depression, bereavement, anxiety and so much more we feel pressured into resolving these alone. 

I believe that mental well-being is a right and not aspect of luck. We all have the right to live the lives we want in the context of our relationships with others and ourselves. Therapy can help this process.

If you are seeking support and understanding of the way you feel then please reach out to me. 

What is psychotherapy

The term Psychotherapy conjures up a range of thoughts and ideas that can influence how we all respond to emotional and psychological issues. In truth it is very difficult to encompass such a wide ranging subject with a short, succinct definition. 


Each client, brings with him/her a personal history, set of experiences and issues unique to them. My view is that one size does not fit all and therefore a tailored approach to your needs is required in order for therapy to be most beneficial. I employ different theoretical approaches to my work, such as Psychodynamic, Gestalt, Transactional Analysis, Humanistic and Attachment Theory, as well as using Mindfulness techniques to help in the 'grounding' process.

I have experience of being a client in therapy and know how challenging this can sometimes be. Having walked that path myself and seen the work from 'both sides', I believe that this deepens our ability to truly empathise and relate to my clients.

I am able to accept consultations across a range of life's challenges.

Some of the areas for which I can typically offer help are:

Pathological bereavement

Coping with injury or illness

Mild depression – reactive, circumstantial

Family relationship issues

General anxieties and phobias

Work-related problems

Challenging life changes..birth, death, move of house

Loss e.g. relationship, employment, health etc

Stress and mild post traumatic stress

Marital/relational difficulties

Issues of sexuality

Self-image and identity issues

Lack of direction, alienation, existential problems

Moving on from substance-dependant lifestyles

Life coaching



Who to contact

Contact Name
Christopher Journeaux
Contact Position

Where to go

The Quiet Room Therapy
Suite 4
Bourne House
Francis Street
St. Helier

Time / Date Details

When is it on
Daily 8am to 9pm

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Referral required
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