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Human Health

About Human Health

At Human Health Centre we believe that you are designed in body and mind to live a full life from birth till death. To experience this, we need a body able to facilitate it and a mind ready to perceive it.

Life isn’t easy, from the moment we humans arrive on earth until the day we depart we experience knocks, bumps and stressors. Often in the form of thoughts, traumas and toxins, we now know that these seriously effect our quality and experience of life.

Nobody hands you instructions on how best to look after and get the most out of this incredible body you exist in. So often we live on, mostly unaware of why we have the problems we do, how to correct them and who can help us.

The support we may seek can confuse us with misdiagnosis, symptom masking and invasive procedures. This may lead us to just accepting a lower quality of life when our problems live on.

In a unique, professional and comfortable setting we facilitate an opportunity for you to understand and catalyse your potential to experience more from your body, mind and life. With a timeless philosophy, evidence based science and constantly developing art, we personally assess, guide and tailor Chiropractic care to your body to allow for your incredible ability to return to, maintain and optimise your health and life expression.

Using professional knowledge and expertise in health and human potential, massage and friendly advise – this is 21st century health care. We are your personal life support team.

Who to contact

01534 747833


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Where to go

Human Health
1st Floor
Co-op Grand Marché St Peter
La Rue Du L’eglise
St Peter

Time / Date Details

When is it on
Appointment available Monday - Friday between 7am - 7pm
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