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Grace Trust - Jersey

Who we are

Grace Trust Jersey is a registered charity set up in 1999 founded on Christian principles. We work to put a smile on the faces of vulnerable Jersey folk who find themselves marginalized in society.

Support for folk who are struggling

As you journey through our website you will see the many projects and initiatives that we have at Grace Trust. Part of our remit is to simply come alongside folk who may be struggling. We often say that “we are honest while having a heart” in most cases it is about encouraging people to see what can be done and achieved.

We know change doesn’t come over night, it can take time for some people to regain their confidence and self-esteem, especially when some sort of loss is involved. Their journey to a better day is ours too.

Thanks for checking us out and welcome to a real, down to earth charity that can laugh and listen, cry with and cradle those who deserve a smile and a helping hand in this thing called life.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Mr Gerry Padden
Contact Position
01534 631667
Mobile: 07829782782 (Gerry)
Mobile: 07829782783 (Vini)


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Where to go

Grace Trust Jersey
3 Daisy Villas
Lewis Street
St Helier
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