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Association of Jersey Charities

The Association of Jersey Charities is the representative body of the majority of charitable organisations operating in Jersey...

Presently the Association has 298 member charities and these range from branches of national charities to small local charities, clubs, societies and support groups.

The Jersey Charities’ Law was passed in November 2014. The register opened in May 2018, and all charities wishing to receive tax exemption, and to continue to call themselves a charity must register by January 2019. You can view the commission website here.

The Association of Jersey Charities exists to provide guidance to and be a source of funding for its members. Jersey charities are welcome to apply to be members, but to establish as a local charity is not dependent upon Association membership.

The Association receives the Jersey share of the Channel Islands' Lottery profits from the Economic Development, Tourism, Sport and Culture Department (EDTSC) to distribute to our members according to need. This funding is therefore dependant on the success of the Lottery.

We would urge our members to support the Channel Islands' Lottery so that the the EDTSC and the Association can continue to support your vital work.

Who to contact

01534 840138




Where to go

Association of Jersey Charities
PO Box 356
St. Helier
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