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AvanchiAccess Card - Liberty Bus

Does your disability stop you from driving?

You could be eligible for a free bus travel

avanchiaccess - the concessionary bus pass scheme for residents with long term disability that prevents driving

The Department for Infrastructure is funding a pilot scheme to provide free bus travel for those people who have a long-term disability which prevents them from being able to drive and therfore limits the travel options available to them.

How does it work? 

Those eligible receive free travel on any LibertyBus service at any time using the AvanchiAccess pass.

How do I qualify?

You will qualify if you:

  • Have a disability which meets the qualifing criteria: and
  • Are aged 5 or above but are not entitled to an older persons's concessionary bus pass: and
  • Are originally resident in Jersey, having lived in the island for at least five years.

What are the qualifing criteria?

These have been set as:

  • Sight impairment and severly sight impaired, such that the condition prevents you from driving.
  • Severly or profoundly deaf, to the extent that the codition prevents you from driving.
  • Being in recepit of mobility componant and/or long-term care benefit and/or personal care level 3
  • Mental health issues to a degree that prevents you from driving.
  • You would be refused a licence to drive or your licence has been withdrawn based on medical grounds.
  • Walking difficulties to a degree that impacts you mobility and ability to drive.
  • Seizures causing loss of consciousness or alterted consciousnes (including epilepsy).

How do I apply?

Once the application form has been completed, and then signed by an appropriate person to confirm that you qualify, you will need to take it to the LibertyBus Customer Service Centre at Liberation Station.  Passes will not be available for collection until Friday 24 February 2017, but you can apply straight away.  After that date, passes will be issued within 48 hours of the application being made.  You can apply at any time throughout the duration of the scheme.

If you would like your pass posted to you, allow five days after making your application.  The scheme commences on Wednesday 1 March 2017, so please take your application form to Liberation Station before Wednesday 22 February 2017 if you would like to receive your pass before the end of the month.

What proof do I need?

  • Full details of the proof required can be found on the application form, but this includes:
  • Proof of identity (e.g. Passport, other photo identification or a passport photograph endorsed by an authorised person).
  • Proof of residence (i.e. a valid 'entitled' or 'entitled for work' States of Jersey Registration Card)
  • Confirmation from an authorised person that your condtion qualifies you to receive the pass.

How do I get the new pass?

You will need to visit the LibertBus Customer Services Centre at Libertaion Station.  LibertyBus will aimto produce your pass within 48 hours and post it to you when it is ready (issuing starts 1 March 2017).

Travel pass cost and validity

AvanchiAccess can be used on LibertyBus services at any time of the day.  There is an issue charge of £15 per pass.   If a pass is lost or damaged, a replacement fee of £5 will be payable.  The pilot scheme runs from 1 March 2017 until 31 December 2019, so all passes will expire on that date.

No companion passes.

The pilot scheme does not include free travel for companions

Short-term disabilities preventing a person from driving

Passes will not be issued for a short-term disability that prevents an individual from driving. The scheme has been established to meet the needs of those with long term or permanent, chronic conditions only.

How to find out more about the pass?

Full details of the scheme can be found on the States of Jersey website

or the LibertyBuss website:

Information on the scheme and application forms are also available at:

  • Libertaion Station
  • Parish Halls
  • Community and voluntary organisations
  • Social Security Department
  • Doctor's surgeries

Who to contact

Contact Name
LibertyBus Customer Services
01534 828555

Where to go

Liberation Station
St. Helier

Other Details


There will be a charge of £15 for each pass issued.
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