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ACET (AIDS Care, Education & Training) JERSEY

About us

ACET Jersey provides free confidential counselling, emotional and practical support regardless of: age, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, religion or any other factor to anyone living with, or affected by, HIV in Jersey. Contact our HIV Care Coordinator on 07797 810076.

The psychological impact of HIV can affect mental wellbeing. Issues may arise at the time of diagnosis, when starting or changing treatment or around sexual relationships. Depression, anxiety and sexual dysfunction are all more common amongst people who are HIV positive than the general population.

ACET provides a professional HIV Counselling Service where you can choose to be seen on your own or with your partner. The service is also available to your family members or friends.

Following an initial assessment, the counsellor will work with you for an agreed number of sessions to suit your individual needs.

ACET HIV Counselling and Support services

The HIV Counselling and Support Service aims to address individual needs by enabling a person to make his/her own decisions or choices. The process involves the use of time and space and is conducted in a confidential setting. The service provides a place for individuals or couples to come and talk through how they are feeling and get professional support.

Following an initial assessment, sessions may be:

  •   Face to Face
  •   Email
  •   Telephone

What sorts of problem do counsellors help with?

Counsellors see individuals and their partners, or families, with many difficulties related to their HIV diagnosis. These may include problems such as:

  •    adjustments to HIV diagnosis
  •    anxiety or panic
  •    depression or low mood
  •    pain management
  •    disclosure
  •    grief and loss
  •    adherence to treatment
  •    sexual problems or managing risk and sex
  •    relationship difficulties related to your illness

  The ACET HIV Counselling Service may be able to help if:

  •   You are affected in any way by HIV
  •   You are considering or wanting to take an HIV test
  •   You are worried about HIV infection
  •   You are antibody positive and living with HIV/AIDS
  •   You or your partner are at risk of HIV
  •   You would like to share your concerns with someone
  •   You are in contact with HIV in your place of work

How can I make an appointment?

If you are interested in meeting with an HIV counsellor to discuss counselling you can book an appointment by contacting ACET directly or you can ask your doctor or nurse to refer you to the service.

Who to contact

01534 505957
Mobile: 07797 810076

Where to go

6 Plaisance Terrace
La Route du Fort
St. Saviour
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