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Dewberry House - Sexual Assault Referral Centre

Information about our services

24 Hour Helpline - 01534 888222

Dewberry House offers a confidential 24 hour helpline if you are in crisis or need someone to talk to.

Dewberry House aims to provide a comprehensive service to men, women and young people who have been raped or Sexually Assaulted.  The service is available 24hrs every day to anyone living in Jersey. 

What we do?

If you have been raped or sexually assaulted we will offer you (and your family) practical help and emotional support, including what you want to do next and support you in your choices.  We can provide you with support for as long as you require and if/or refer and signpost you to other organisations that can help.

Do the Police have to be involved?

NO - You can self-refer or be referred by another service or organisation.  If you are under 16 years of age we will discuss with you how we can help you access the right services. 

Is there a charge for the service?

NO, all our services are free.

Is the service confidential?

YES - Our service is completely confidential and we will not pass any information without your knowledge.  As with all services a disclosure may be necessary if there is a safeguarding, e.g. Child protection, or public safety requirement, but we will always try to discuss and agree this with you. 

Dewberry House Services

Contacting and helping you

We will contact and help you in the way you prefer; this can include by telephone, email, text or face to face meetings at Dewberry House.

Forensic Medical Examination

The purpose of the examination is to both look after your health care needs following an assault and, if you want it, to collect forensic samples can be passed to the Police or, if you are not reporting, stored by us in case you wish to report the assault in future.  Alll examinations are carried out by a Forensic Medical Examiner. (FME)

Emergency Contraception

The FME's can provide the emergency contraceptive (morning after) pill within 72 hours of the assault and alternative medication for up to 5 days.  They will also discuss all other options regarding Sexual Health and can refer you to services that can help.

Advice Screening for Sexual Transmitted infections

The risk of getting some infections can be reduced if medication is given as soon as possible.  The FME will evaluate the risk based on what has happened to you and discuss it with you; if necessary the FME will start a course a course of treatment, referring you to a specialist clinic for followup. 

Police involvment

If you report the assault to the police we will support you and work with the Police to keep you informed; however, we will not pass on any information to them without your consent, or unless you trust it. 

Self-referring clients

If you choose to self-refer and do not wish to have the Police involved, you will be supported and given exactly the same service.  We will also offer you the opportunity whereby you can provide information to the police anonymously, which might help them identify a pattern of offences, but this is entirely your decision.

Dewberry House's staff will always listen to you and will respect any decisions that you make. 

We are here to help. 

Dewberry House Wellbeing Service

We can provide support and referrals to counselling services that can help you deal with your feelings after a rape or sexually assault.

For further information on how we can help, you can talk to a ISVA.

Independent Sexual Violence (ISVA) Advisor.

The ISVA's will:

  • Contact you to offer ongoing support.
  • Discuss and assess your needs
  • Offer face to face emotional and practical support and maintain contact with you by phone, email or text.
  • Refer or signpost you to other services that can help you.
  • Offer continued support throughout any Criminal Proceedings. 

We are here to listen and to help you following a sexual assault

Who to contact

24 Hour Helpline - 01534 888222



Where to go

Sexual Assault Referral Centre
Dewberry House
6 Plaisance Terrace
La Route Du Fort
St. Saviour

Time / Date Details

When is it on
24 hours every day

Other Details




Other notes

Dewberry House is a partnership between States of Jersey Police and Health and Social Services.

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