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SNAP(Special Needs Advisory Panel)


SNAP which stands for Special Needs Advisory Panel was born in January 2013 to represent people with Learning Disabilities and/or Autism.

SNAP was formed as a direct result of a presentation made by parents/carers and service users to members of The Chief Minister’s Department, Ministers and representatives from States departments. Following on from this event it was agreed that Senator Paul Routier would take on the role of champion for people with disabilities under the umbrella of the Social Policy Group.

A Service User Forum, with representation from other service user groups, now meets regularly with Senator Routier as Chair where a wide range of issues are discussed.

SNAP has representatives from: Mencap, JET, Speak Out, Les Amis, The Youth Inclusion Project, Autism Jersey, Jersey Downs Association, Mont á L’Abbé School, The Bridge, The Self Advocacy Project, JACI and The ED User Group.

We are issue lead and our aim is that our panel should be made up of service users, carers, parents, family members and/or friends who are connected within the Learning Disabilities and/or Autism community.

We meet quarterly to discuss a variety of issues that have been brought to us, review the progress of ongoing pieces of work and look at how best we can liaise with other organisations.

We have a direct link to the Chief Ministers Department through the Service User’s Forum and we are also working with the Jersey Disability Partnership (JDP).  The JDP’s aim is to share ongoing pieces of work with as many organisations as possible to encourage joint working and to eliminate duplication of work.

The JDP has been instrumental in pushing forward pieces of work to back a Disability Strategy including the recent survey: ‘Jersey Health and Life Opportunities Survey’.

To date SNAP has enjoyed joint working with the Chief Minister’s Department and the relevant heads of departments within the States of Jersey around the following: 

1) Initiating a Community Transport Strategy.

2) Adult Services:  including respite issues and concerns around the Day Services provision. SNAP has been successful in securing 50% of the funding needed for a new wheelchair accessible vehicle, which has now been delivered to the Day Services provision. 

More recently, SNAP has been exploring the possibility of adults with LD having easier access to SALT (Speech and Language Therapy). The Adult Speech and Language LD Service has a Drop-In Clinic held on the first Monday of the month and is currently working on a referral form

SNAP is also supporting and encouraging, the development of a new nurse role addressing the "broad ranging” health care needs of individuals on the Autism Spectrum.

3) Social Security Department:  to discuss Long Term Care Benefit and Home Carers Allowance amongst other things affecting people with Learning Disabilities and or Autism.  Last year we were instrumental in having the Impairment Component taken outside of Income Support enabling more families to apply for financial support for their child.

4) Children’s Service:  to encourage joint working between the department and families. We are currently working on the new pathway and eligibility criteria for accessing respite.

5) Liaising with representatives from the hospital: this includes the appointment of a Learning Disability Liaison Nurse, the introduction of Patient Passports and supporting the work around an LD Charter within the Emergency Department.

6) Ongoing work around a new communication tool to support people with communication difficulties.

7) Initiating the Scrutiny Review into Adult Respite.

It is important to add that we cannot support individual families with their own specific issues however; we will do our best to act as a sign post to help you contact the relevant professional, department or agency.

In conclusion, SNAP has grown far beyond anything we had imagined and we are now recognised within the States of Jersey, meaning that YOUR voice will be heard by the decision makers; this is evidence of the success that we have had over a relatively short period of time.

If you would like to learn more about SNAP or are interested in any particular piece of work mentioned above please contact us at:

Alternatively please visit and ‘like’ us on our Facebook page:

Who to contact

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Lesley Bratch
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