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Diabetes Jersey

Diabetes Jersey gives support and understanding to those who are diagnosed with diabetes and their families in order to enhance the quality of life, as well as an awareness programme.

The only diabetes charity in the Island, Diabetes Jersey works tirelessly to support the work of the Diabetes Centre at Overdale, those with the condition and raise awareness among the public at large of the need for testing. All funds raised remain in Jersey and no-one working for the charity draws a salary.

Without your generous support, the work of Diabetes Jersey could not continue.

Diabetes Jersey and the Jersey Diabetes Centre

Diabetes Jersey has been supporting the Jersey Diabetes Centre as the Island's centre of excellance in all aspects of diabetes care since 1991.  Staff and facilities and substantantially funded by the charity, as was the new building at Overdale Hospital opened by the Lieutenant Governor in 2009 .  Diabetes Jersey also prmotes public awareness, supports doctors in making a correct and arly diagnosis, funds a prgramme of educational activities for children and young people with diabetes amd is a powerful voice on behalf of all thoses with the condition.


Who to contact

Contact Name
Specialist Nurses
01534 444599 for reception and appointments
01534 444547 number and voicemail for nurses



Where to go

Jersey Diabetes Centre
Overdale Hospital
Westmount Road
St. Helier
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