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Family Nursing & Home Care

- Approved Home Care Provider-

Home Care

Family Nursing & Home Care have their own Home Care Support Team to help maintain your health, wellbeing and independence at home. Our dedicated and professional team of Community Nurses, Health and Home Care Assistants and their Locality Coordinators have been trained to provide high quality care to Islanders who need home care support.

Specialist Adult Nursing

At Family Nursing & Home Care, we are fortunate to have a team of fully qualified and dedicated Specialist Nurses who are constantly training and adapting to changes in treatments and practises for a range of serious and common medical problems.

Our Specialist Nursing Team have years of practical experience and advanced training in their respective fields. Their specialisms include:

·         Tissue Viability and Wound Care

·         Continence and Stoma Care

·         Palliative Care

Tissue Viability and Wound Care

The Family Nursing & Home Care specialist Tissue Viability and Wound Care Nurse is here to support your nursing team if you have non-healing wounds, including ulcers, infections and chronic oedema. She can provide telephone advice, consultations at home or in our District Nursing Clinic and specialist knowledge, advice and education on all aspects of wound care, especially complex and non-healing wounds.

Continence and Stoma Care

Family Nursing & Home Care have specialist Nurses who are trained to deal with patients with incontinence and assist with the maintenance of stomas after abdominal surgery.

The team also provide education, support and advice to the other members of our community nursing team to ensure that nursing practice is current and evidence based.

Rapid Response and Crisis Reablement

The aim of the Family Nursing & Home Care RRRT is to improve patient care in the island by preventing inappropriate hospital admissions and, for some people already in hospital, to help them get home more quickly. Much of the work we do is already provided to patients in their own homes. We know from experience that people who are able to stay at home recover faster, have reduced risk of infections and maintain their independence for longer than if they had to be admitted to hospital.

The first six months of the scheme were hugely successful and, as a result, we have now expanded the service to include a Crisis Reablement team. This team includes nurses, home care assistants and social workers who are on hand to monitor patients’ conditions beyond the initial rapid response period. Re-ablement is a philosophy which encourages individuals to ‘do for themselves’ rather than being ‘done to’. Our team offers an active approach to care, which has seen amazing results for islanders recovering from acute illness, falls and fractures. 

Palliative and End of Life Care

Palliative care is the active holistic care of patients with advanced, progressive and life-threatening illnesses. The goal of our palliative care service is to achieve the best quality of life and comfort for patients and their families.

Family Nursing & Home Care District Nurses embrace the core elements of supportive care, including the management of pain and other symptoms and the provision of psychological, social and spiritual aid. We provide support for treatment and condition management from pre-diagnosis, through to the process of diagnosis and treatment, to cure, continuing illness or death and bereavement.

Community Children’s Nursing

The Family Nursing & Home Care Community Children’s Nurses support children with nursing and health care needs and their families, at home and in the community.

We provide nursing care and support in children’s homes or other community settings, such as nurseries or schools.  We prevent or reduce hospital admissions for children and young people and provide families and carers with information, resources and support to promote independence, as far as possible.

Health Visitors

Family Nursing & Home Care provide advice on healthy choices, e.g. breastfeeding, weaning, healthy eating and protection against disease and infection. We work closely with parents to help promote strong family bonds and offer information to families with specific difficulties such as postnatal depression.

Our Health Visitors are qualified nurses with specialist training in public health for children, young people and families. We are here to help you and your family during pregnancy, up to your child’s first day at school, aged five.


Maternal Early Childhood Sustained Home-Visiting or MECSH is a structured programme of sustained nurse home visiting for families identified to be at risk of poorer maternal and child health and development outcomes. It is delivered as part of a comprehensive, integrated approach to services for young children and their families.

Key components of the scheme include: 

1.    Supporting mother and child health and wellbeing

2.    Supporting mothers to be future oriented and aspirational

3.    Supporting family and social relationships

4.    Additional support in response to need

5.    Child development parent education

Samares Pathways

Jersey’s first school-linked child and family centre is in the grounds of Samarès primary school.  It aims to support families with young children in the heart of the community where they are easily accessible.

Samarès is a joint project between Education, Sport and Culture, Health and Social Services and Family Nursing & Home Care. The centre will work in partnership with families to provide services which they find valuable  including:

·         Health visitors and community nursery nurses

·         Child health clinics

·         Parenting support groups such as a JELLY Club that promotes early learning and literacy

·         Pop-in and play groups

·         Premature baby support

·         Breakfast clubs 

School Nurses

Family Nursing & Home Care School Nurses are specialist practitioners and function as both health promoters and health educators; working in partnership with many agencies, professionals and families to promote and protect the physical and emotional wellbeing of children and young people, in their developing years.

We work tirelessly to safeguard the needs of children and young people in Jersey, providing a fully confidential health service including, child immunisation programmes, advice on healthy eating, sexual health and substance misuse, as well as providing specific support for families with complex needs in the school setting.

Looked After Children

Family Nursing & Home Care are committed, along with our partnership agencies, to improve the health and wellbeing of the most vulnerable children and young people in Jersey. The Looked After Children’s Nurse works exclusively with Looked After Children and young people, to identify their health needs by co-ordinating individual health assessments and care plans. 

The Nurse works closely with Social Work colleagues in Children’s Services to ensure that health assessments are completed in a timely manner and health recommendations are implemented through fast track referrals. In partnership with the Medical Advisor for Looked After Children, the Nurse aims to strengthen the health assessment process and advocacy, to narrow the inequalities and to raise the profile of the health priorities of Looked After Children.


The Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub or MASH scheme has been set up to deal with safeguarding concerns for children and young people in Jersey. The primary objective of the scheme is to ensure that those who may be at risk of harm receive the best possible protection. As a multi agency scheme Family Nursing & Home Care are one cog in a wheel of community groups and organisations working together to offer faster, more coordinated and consistent responses to concerns about vulnerable children and young people.  

Child Accident & Prevention

Family Nursing & Home Care Child Accident Prevention (CAP) co-ordinator facilitates and delivers projects and education programmes that focus on child safety and accident prevention.

It is our mission to reduce the incidence and impact of accidental injuries to children (aged 0 to 16) in the community and we believe that a co-ordinated approach using local knowledge, expertise and shared resources is the most effective way of looking after our children and young adults.



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