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Occupational Therapy Service

What we do

We help people who have difficulties with everyday practical tasks, including people with:

  • physical impairment
  • medical conditions
  • mental health problems
  • learning disabilities

Occupational therapists are trained to break down human activity into separate areas. It enables us to talk with you, assess you and plan involvement with you based on your functional level and personal preferences.

We work with patients of all ages and in all settings.

We work with you, your carers and your family as well as other services to meet your individual needs. ​

Getting a referral

We have an open referral system, and accept referrals from:

  • yourself
  • GPs
  • other agencies


We can meet you wherever you spend your time, including at home or in your workplace.

Our services

Following an initial assessment or home visit, the therapist will plan a treatment programme. This may include attendance at a unit to improve your level of independence or provision of equipment / training.

At your home, we offer the following services:

  • housing adaptations
  • installing equipment
  • working with carers to develop the right approach to meet your needs
  • rehabilitation and resettlement after injury and illness

At your workplace, we offer the following services:  

  • adapting equipment or the environment
  • developing an appropriate work placement to meet your needs and build your personal strengths
  • liaising with your employer to ensure that support is provided
  • providing sheltered workschemes, offering vocational assessment, training and placements

The length of time you spend with the service will vary depending on your needs. Your needs will be reviewed regularly with you, carers and other members of the multidisciplinary team.

The occupational therapy service also runs:

  • a number of vocational rehabilitation units for clients with a range of disabilities
  • the wheelchair and community equipment service
  • the community alarm service
  • equipment in the home for people with a hearing loss
  • assistive equipment for people with disabilities

Paediatric occupational therapists

The service for children is provided in three specialist areas:

  • physical difficulties
  • learning difficulties
  • developmental coordination disorder

A 6 year old schoolboy described an occupational therapist​ as "a person who finds out what is really important for someone to be able to do, then changes it so that the person is able to do it."

In addition to the individuals who may refer children into occupational therapy, the Education Department may also make referrals.

The paediatric occupational therapists will see children at:

  • the Child Development Centre
  • home
  • school
  • playgroups
  • private and state nurseries ​


    Who to contact

    01534 443068

    Where to go

    Occupational Therapy Service
    Overdale Hospital
    Westmount Road
    St. Helier
    JE2 3UH
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