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Do I need new dentures?

Most dentures will become worn and lose their effectiveness after five years.

If you have dentures that need replacing you may be experiencing the following problems:

Loose dentures and ulceration

Do you keep removing your dentures when you wish you could eat properly with them? Your dentures were made to fit your gums some years ago, yet your gums and bone support gradually change shape. This leads to loose dentures and pain when you chew, your upper denture may drop and need excessive denture adhesive, and your lower denture may be painful to use and eventually cause ulcers.

Badly worn dentures

You may have to over-close your mouth to chew, this can cause your chin to stick forward, increased wrinkling of the skin at the corners of your mouth and occasionally, jaw-joint pain, headaches and migraines.

If your dentures are badly worn you may have them in your mouth but find that people mention that they cannot see your teeth as they have become shorter and are now hidden behind your lips.

Partial dentures that need replacing

They may be old and worn, look shorter than your own natural teeth and cause gum damage or the gum to strip away from your natural teeth, and in some cases may cause your own teeth to loosen.

It is important for your oral health that your dentures and all oral soft tissues are checked yearly.

New dentures can restore your smile and your confidence, rebuild your facial profile, help you to look younger and help you enjoy eating again!

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