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Barnardo's - PLAN B Jersey

About Us

Welcome to Plan B Jersey. We are a Barnardo’s service based in Jersey, Channel Islands and provide support to young people aged 16-25 who are either living independently, leaving care or in need of support with housing. At Plan B we believe in maximising the unique worth of all young people. Therefore it is key we work closely with young people who need support, to enable them to reach their full potential. 

We aspire to help as many young people through the different programmes and services we offer. These include;

  • Individual Support
  • 'How2' Independent Living Skills Group 6 Week Programme
  • 'Go2' Independent Living Skills Group 2 Day Programme
  • 'Chill Out Thursdays' Independent Living Drop-In 
  • Highlands College Drop-In
  • Outreach
  • Young People's Steering Group

At Plan B multi-agency work is key in enabling us to help vulnerable young people overcome difficult circumstances. Therefore partnership work with statutory, voluntary and community organisations is essential.

We take referrals from other agencies as well as young people being able to self-refer.

Our Work

Individual Support
Young people meet with a Plan B staff member to help them overcome the most difficult circumstances. Staff will initially work with young people over a 12 week period. During this time staff and young people work together to achieve positive solutions on a tailored personal 'Action Plan'. This means staff undertake a range of activities and targeted work with young people. One week it might be looking for emergency accommodation and the next week going shopping together to explore budgeting.  

'How2' Independent Living Skills Group 6 Week Programme
'How2' offers young people the opportunity to work with in a small group of 6-8 to learn independent living skills. The group meets once a week for a period of 6 weeks. During the 6 weeks period we explore the skills needed to live independently i.e. cooking, budgeting, domestic skills and many more! We keep these group sessions fun and informal with a group activity planned on the  last evening!

'Go2' Independent Living Skills Group 2 Day Programme
Similar to 'How2', 'Go2' offers the opportunity for young people to learn independent living skills in small groups. 'Go2' differs as it is held over a 2 day period.

'Chill Out Thursdays' Independent Living Drop-In
'Chill Out Thursdays' is our weekly drop-in for young people who use the Plan B service or are in/leaving care. Held every Thursday from 3:30PM - 6:30PM young people can access an informal relaxed space to chat about independent living with other young people as well as having the opportunity to explore independent living skills, such as cooking. 

Highlands College Drop-In
In conjunction with Highlands College, Plan B have a weekly drop-in where young people can make appointments to come talk to a member of staff. If you would like to make an appointment and are at the college, please contact student services on 01534 608654

In conjunction with Jersey Youth Service, we go out into the community to talk to young people about Plan B. If you see us out on a Friday night - please do not hesitate to come and say hi!

Young People's Steering Group
We are committed to listening to and acting on the voices of the young people we work with. Our Young People's Steering Group meet every month. Young People have the opportunity to tell us whats good or not with Plan B and how we can improve!


Who to contact

Contact Name
Nick Cook/Kate Falle
01534 510546
Text us: 07797754952

Where to go

Barnardo's - PLAN B Jersey
Thomas House
21 Kensington Place
St. Helier

Time / Date Details

When is it on
Monday 12.00-2.00pm Wednesday 12.00-2.00pm Friday 12.00-2.00pm
Time of day

Other Details

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