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School-based Counselling Services

School-based counsellors provide specialist support in schools for pupils experiencing emotional difficulties or where there is a noticeable change or deterioration in behaviour and attitiude.   

The following list might prompt the invovlement of a counsellor in school:

  • when parents are going through divorce or separation;

  • where there are known family relationship problems. This might includedomestic abuse;

  • when there are difficulties in attending school;

  • when there are difficulties with friendships.

  • when there is evidence of stress or a change in behaviour -  such as becoming withdrawn, disruptive or mood swings;
  • following the bereavement of a familymember or friend;

  • difficulties in relation to academic/vocational  issues (e.g. a lack of motivation, exam anxiety, fear of failure, concerns for the future);

  • where there is evidence of potentially self-damaging behaviour  (e.g. drug and alcohol misuse, eating problems or self-harm);

  • when there are difficulties in relation  to personal identity (e.g. race, gender, sexual preference)

In all cases it is essential that counselling is understood to be voluntary (i.e. a young  person cannot  be 'sent' for counselling).

Who to contact

Contact Name
The school's pastoral manager or SENCo (see below)

Other Details




Referral required
Referral Details

The majority of secondary schools  and colleges  provide a school-based counselling service for pupils. 

While pupils are able to self-refer, parents and professioanls  are advised to contact the school's pastoral manager (see below) in the first instance if they would like to request the involvement of the school's counsellor.

Haute Vallee  - 736524

Grainville - 822900

Le Rocquier - 855876

Les Quennevais - 743171

Jersey College for Girls - 516200

Victoria  College

Mark Gosling - - 638200

Alternative Curriculum - 872840

D'Hautree House - 618240

Highlands College - 608608

Haultlieu - 736242

Other notes

There may be occasions when young people would prefer to access counselling support outside of school. In these circumsntances, young people might be signposted to the Youth Enquiry Service (YES).

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