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Art in the Frame Foundation

Charity Profile

The charity Art in the Frame Foundation, with current patron Lady Dalton, was originally set up in 1998 by 2 local art teachers, on a volunteer basis. They saw the great need to promote and support the many talented up and coming artists and craftworkers living in Jersey who were given very little opportunity to ‘break’ into the almost non-existent art scene and to promote more art education in the schools.

From experience they knew that the teaching Art to children and adults not only enhances academic performance in other subjects but helps with all round emotional development. It helps get in touch with inner feelings and release inner tensions.

Two years later Art in the Frame took on charitable status, becoming Art in the Frame Foundation, to help it progress its aims and objectives.

Art in the Frame took on The Harbour Gallery five years later which has become the hub and window to the charity. The Gallery is the largest working gallery in the Channel Islands, with this showcasing the very best of emerging and acclaimed local artists and craftworkers.

Art often gets lost in the pushing of STEM subjects with SATs and League Tables. Today, in an age of Smart phones and tablets it is becoming even more essential to include a ‘good chunk’ of art in a child’s education, whether in or out of school.

We are supported greatly by our current patron, Lady Dalton, who visits the gallery regularly.

The Aims, Objectives and Achievements

– To hold events, exhibitions and markets for the talented up and coming local artists, 3D and mixed media artists workers, jewellers and other craftworkers.

This has been achieved by the annual Artisan Showcase and Textile Showcase but still needs to be taken further. These two major events have now become impossible to run because of the very high cost of large space hire and the difficulty of getting sponsorship. The charity is always looking for new ways to promote our talented artists.

– To support local Jersey art and craft markets. By working with Genuine Jersey, successful markets have been run at St Aubin and the Royal Square by Pat Robson and have led to further Christmas events.

– To hold exhibitions. To begin with, the charity ‘begged’ for venues for exhibitions successfully but as these spaces were only for a month, it became essential to find a ‘hub’ for Art in the Frame Foundation.

– To own a gallery. This was the great aim of Art in the Frame Foundation. After years of searching, a premises at St Aubin was found, half the size of what it is now and with the help of a TDF grant, The Harbour Gallery Jersey was born. Following a further TDF grant, further extensions were taken on and the gallery grew to the size it is now.

The Harbour Gallery Jersey has become the window to the charity and exhibits the work of nearly 100 local artists and craftworkers. This is done by 4 part time members of staff, volunteers including Pat Robson BEM. It is a tremendous challenge to keep the gallery open having to pay commercial rent etc but to also keep it very professional and well looked after, giving all the visitors a good experience in which to invest in local art. The gallery and charity has to rely on occasional sponsorship, sales and workshops as it receives no on-going financial support. Through having a gallery, the work of local artists can be viewed and can enable them to make connections to UK events and galleries.

– To provide education. Recognising the rising amount of children who for many reasons find it difficult to attend school and those whose parents choose to have children home schooled, Art in the Frame has become an accredited examination centre for GCSE and A level Art, Design, Photography and Textiles.

Art in the Frame gets regular top UK and continental tutors to the island to run weekend talks and workshops for adults and children. The schools are given the opportunity to hire them for the day with all travel and accommodation paid for by the charity.mThe students studying at the gallery have been achieving top grades with some going on to UK Art Foundation and degree courses. To help with choices for UK courses Art in the Frame gets top UK tutors over to Jersey to give advice on UK courses and on making applications.

For the younger children Art in the Frame runs regular Arty Crafty fun workshops every half term and holidays by experienced tutors…putting the fun, excitement and inspiration back into learning.

Art in the Frame recognises the great importance and ‘release’ of art to those with physical and mental disability and house regular workshops for Mencap, Les Amis and Earsay.

Over the last 20 years many of the Aims and Objectives of Art in the Frame Foundation have been achieved, many are continually on going and over the years the challenges change and in some ways become even greater.

We hope that you the public will support our work by purchasing work from The Harbour Gallery, Jersey at St Aubin or by sponsoring an event, exhibition or a specific need to help us to continue the work that we have been doing to support our island.

Who to contact

01534 853395 or 01534 743044
Mobile: 07797 736034

Where to go

The Harbour Gallery
Le Boulevard
St Aubin
St. Brelade
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