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Approved Home Care Providers

Approved Provider Framework for Home Care Services

The States of Jersey has established an Approved Provider Framework (APF) for Home Care Services.

The APF is a list of providers who have demonstrated that they have the appropriate skills and experience to enable them to provide quality, safe and effective home care support for people in Jersey. 

Providers are either fully approved or provisionally approved

  1. FULLY APPROVED.  Means that the provider has met all requirements to be able to provide home care services to any person who has a care package approved by HSSD
  2. PROVISIONALLY APPROVED.  Means a provider has met most requirements, but needs to improve certain aspects of their services.  They can continue to provide care services to individuals receiving approved care packages that started on or before 30/06/14. However, the provider  will not be invited to provide  any new services as part of an approved care package until such time as it has demonstrated that it has met all requirements.  When requirements have been met, the Provider will become FULLY APPROVED.

The APF application process is an annual process.  Providers will be eligible for re-approval subject to satisfactory outcomes of 1 planned & 1 unplanned inspection visits each year and any additional visits as required. 

Fully Approved and Regulated under the Regulation of Care (Jersey) Law 2014.

List of all registered Services and professionals can be found on Registered Services and Professionals | Jersey Care Commission
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